A splash of lime for your returns management

Cross-order e-commerce continues to boom and is no longer on the margins. Due to Corona Pandemic the quantity of parcels is going through the roof and so is the return rate. Too small, too big, too thick, too scratchy – what doesn’t fit gets sent back!

But watch out: At this point of the customer journey it is also worthwhile to respond to customer wishes and expectations! How important is the handling of the return, even internationally, so that customer will come back? What should online retailers pay particular attention to? How important are mobile self-services already for returns management and how should they be integrated?

We discussed these and many other questions together with the returns management experts Ruben Meulenhoff (Seven Senders) and Alien Mulyk (bevh) in our webtalk “retail salsa – Spice up your community” on 2021/01/27.

The Speakers

Ruben Meulenhoff
Seven Senders

Alien Mulyk
bevh – German E-Commerce
and Distance Selling Association

Ingredients to be mixed into our talk

  • Independent of online stores, order process and delivery – how important is the handling of returns in ensuring that the customer will come back?
  • Where are pain points in international returns management that online retailers should pay special attention to?
  • What are the most common reasons for dissatisfaction in the returns process and what do customers actually expect?
  • Are traceability and self-services already critical success factors in returns management?
  • Omnichannel models such as Click&Collect are also becoming increasingly popular for returns: How can the process be designed without incurring losses?
  • Free returns, generous return deadlines – how do you stay competitive?
  • Last but not least, the prospect: What are the reasons for returns and how can high return rates be avoided?

„retail salsa – Spice up your community“ ist der virtuelle Webtalk, der Retailer, Anbieter und unabhängige Branchenexperten an einen Tisch bringt, um über Bestandteile einer gelungenen Customer Journey zu sprechen. Dabei machen wir kein Betriebsgeheimnis aus der idealen Mischung, sondern teilen Insights und Erfahrungen. retail salsa wird gehostet von iXtenso – Magazin für den Einzelhandel und EuroShop – The world’s no.1 retail trade fair.

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A splash of lime for your returns management
from 2021/01/27 | English

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