How to make your logistics more sustainable

Is your lunch still missing that certain something? With the addition of a few herbs, your dish can develop an aromatic flavor and turn your menu into a feast. The right flavor also plays an important role in the recipe of your logistics, so that your shipping route not only tastes good to you, but also to your customers.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role these days, not only in the production of the products themselves but also in their shipping. To meet your customers’ tastes, you should round off the customer journey with sustainably shipped products and give your company the right flavor with environmentally conscious logistics.

But how exactly can I make my logistics sustainable? How can I not only invest in sustainable logistics, but also get my clientele to spend more on it? And does sustainable logistics always have to be more expensive? This and much more we discussed in our Webtalk, where our experts revealed which herbal mixture will give your logistics strategy that special flavor that sets you apart from the competition.

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The speakers

David Randall
Director, Sustainable Delivery,

Dr. Ani Melkonyan-Gottschalk
Director of the Center for
Logistics and Traffic,
University of Duisburg-Essen

Stefan Vogt
Director Sales,
Urbify Technologies GmbH

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Sustainable logistics: environmentally conscious aroma for your shipping

from 2022/06/22 | Language: English

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