How to positively influence the shopping experience of your clientele

Soft music in the background, delicious scent, pleasant lighting – Sounds like dinner at your favorite restaurant? Almost. Because atmospheric design elements are also important ingredients for the perfect in-store shopping experience in retail.

Not only the design of the salesroom, but the entire shopping atmosphere influences your customers in their buying behavior. On the one hand, a coherent design of the store with all its shelves, merchandise displays, and window decorations is important so that the merchandise can be presented in an appealing way. In addition, the use of multi-sensory marketing, such as scent or music marketing, also influences customers subconsciously and has a positive impact on the length of time spent in the store, the pleasure of buying and the subsequent evaluation of the service by customers.

Join us to find out how to best spice up this soup with all your ingredients and how to build stronger customer loyalty with sophisticated in-store marketing.

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Salted questions:

  • What does efficient in-store marketing look like?
  • What importance does it play for my business?
  • What factors can I use to encourage my clientele to browse, linger and buy?
  • Do scent or music marketing, for example, work for all retailers in all sectors? What differences need to be considered?
  • What investments do I have to reckon with, and which ones pay off quickly?
  • How do I measure the success of my in-store marketing measures?

Discuss with us!

Do you have specific questions on in-store marketing?

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    In-store marketing: The salt in the soup of sales promotion

    at 2022/08/31 | 4 pm CET | Language: tba

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