How “the cloud” can take work off your hands and give you satisfied customers

The best stew is the one in which several ingredients are thrown together in a pot and bring the best flavor to the spoon. The Internet of Things is no different: all the components that retailers need to digitize their business and customer services end up in IoT-supported hardware with cloud-based software.

Sounds complicated? But it doesn’t have to be – basically, it’s just a matter of what you want to achieve with your business and which software and data you move from the local server existence to the much more flexible and networkable data cloud.

For you, experts in our web-talk explain how the digital super stew works and what you should keep in mind when planning and implementing it. Your questions will be forwarded directly to the experts.

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    Internet of Things: The digital stew for your progress

    at 2022/02/23 | Language: tba

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