Put your store in the right light

If the light falls on your products at the right angle, your customers’ eyes will catch them more quickly and their appetite will be stimulated – after all, a feast for the eyes. Don’t leave your customers groping in the dark, but satisfy their hunger by presenting your offers in a tasty way. 

Even for the first eye-catcher, the right light in the shop window is crucial: this is how you attract customers to your store. But also in the store, not only the design of your salesroom, the arrangement of the shelves and the products in it is crucial, but also here the lighting plays an essential role. The right light not only illuminates your goods well, but also determines the atmosphere in the store. In this way, you can have a major influence on the shopping experience and the willingness of your customers to buy and steer them in a positive direction with a suitable lighting concept.

Together with our experts, you can find out in this talk which requirements the lighting in your store has to meet in order to stimulate your customers’ appetite and perhaps even tempt them to have seconds or dessert. Tasty insights will help you to find the right lighting concept and thus a delicious customer journey.

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Appetizing questions:

  • Direct or indirect light, projection or reflection: what are the benefits of using different lighting options?
  • How do I find the right lighting strategy?
  • How can I make my lighting energy efficient?
  • Should I use spotlights and if so, for which products and for how many?
  • What do I need to consider when selecting the light color?

Discuss with us!

Do you have specific questions on lighting in your store?

Feel free to send them in advance. We will find the answers with our experts.

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    Lighting: Spotlight for a greater appetite

    at 2022/11/23 | 4 pm CET | Language: tba

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