Convenient shopping and service experience across all channels

Shopping today is more diverse than ever, and customers expect a comprehensive experience, not only at home or on the go when shopping online, but also directly in the store. The boundaries between offline and online are becoming increasingly blurred. But with a sophisticated omnichannel concept, the user experience in turn becomes a new whole.

If omnichannel marketing is used correctly, it noticeably improves the shopping experience and can lead to larger shopping baskets. Customers appreciate it when all relevant information is available to them on all channels. If you manage to pick up your clientele across all channels, this is an essential step towards the success of your business.

You want to appeal to every taste of your clientele? Together with our experts, we’ll get your herb garden blooming: with an optimal customer approach, a convenient shopping and service experience, and the appropriate IT equipment.

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Thyme, oregano or rosemary?
Questions about the right omnichannel herb mix:

  • Which touchpoints are particularly important for my clientele?
  • How can I best link the on-site shopping experience with digital components?
  • On which channels should I address my customers – both online and offline?
  • What new apps, software applications or digital components can I profitably implement in my business?
  • Do my employees need to take on new tasks or receive training as a result of the new digital possibilities?
  • What impact will omnichannel have on my business processes and how can I realign my business strategy?
  • How can I start with simple means and offer targeted omnichannel services?

Discuss with us!

Do you have specific questions about omnichannel marketing?

Feel free to send them in advance. We will find the answers with our experts.

    „retail salsa – Spice up your Community“ ist der virtuelle Webtalk, der Retailer, Anbieter und unabhängige Branchenexperten an einen Tisch bringt, um über Bestandteile einer gelungenen Customer Journey zu sprechen. Dabei machen wir kein Betriebsgeheimnis aus der idealen Mischung, sondern teilen Insights und Erfahrungen. retail salsa wird gehostet von iXtenso – Magazin für den Einzelhandel und EuroShop – The world’s no.1 retail trade fair.

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    Omnichannel: The right herbal mix of online and offline

    at 2022/10/19 | 4 pm CET | Language: tba

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    The right herbal mix of online and offline

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