Creating holistic digital experiences at the POS.

The pressure felt by brick-and-mortar retail and a sandwich have a lot in common: there’s the slice of toast called “online retail” and the other slice called “customer expectations”; in between is brick-and-mortar retail with a lot of potential for the topping. If the toppings do not harmonize with each other and certainly not with the slices of toast, the whole sandwich is lost.

The fact is: the great added value of stationary retail is and remains interaction, whether in person or digitally. It is therefore essential to create a holistic shopping experience that will inspire customers in the long term. Digital signage solutions in retail are no longer uncharted territory. But the potential is often not fully exploited. Isolated solutions dominate our stores. In addition, the Corona pandemic means that touch can no longer be the only option for interactively engaging customers on the shop floor.

Together with our partner NEXGEN smart instore, we will revolutionize your touchpoint management on 24/11/2021 at 4p.m. (CET). From touchless sensor technology to a sophisticated omnichannel strategy to the digital store – together we will uncover unused potential and get your company out of the sandwich position.

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Our speakers

Thomas Grundmann, CEO NEXGEN smart instore

Thomas Grundmann
Managing Director
NEXGEN smart instore


Creating holistic digital experiences at the POS.

  • How can brick-and-mortar shopping experiences be created through digital elements?
  • How can decision-making and purchasing barriers be broken through interactive solutions?
  • Why should departments such as marketing, IT and supply chain management be meaningfully integrated into the process?
  • How can digital solutions increase customer loyalty?
  • And what does neuromarketing have to do with touchpoint management?

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    Out of the sandwich position with touchpoint management

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