Spicy flavor for your local online marketing

A store with an attractive location, a high frequency of passers-by and some word-of-mouth advertising and customers automatically stumble into your store. What was once enough for local reach is no longer considered a guarantee of success today.

After lockdown, at the latest, the principle for retailers must be: Get out of your comfort zone and into digital business for maximum visibility!

Together with local marketing experts we brought the right spiciness to your local marketing strategy in our webtalk retail salsa and got firsthand insights.

The webtalk took place in German.

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Katja Laska

Our Speakers

Thomas Ötinger
local brand alliance/

Marcus Libionka

Bettina Krambo
Sommer & Goßmann

Questions on our Scoville scale

  • What weaknesses did come to light in retail particularly during the Corona pandemic?
  • How has customers’ information behavior changed in recent years?
  • What do customers expect from retailers after the lockdown?
  • How do local brands need to position now?
  • How and where do you reach your target group?
  • What does efficient local communication look like?
  • Why are measurability and flexibility so important in advertising campaigns?
  • much more …

“retail salsa – Spice up your Community” is the virtual webtalk that brings retailers, suppliers and independent experts together to talk about components of a successful customer journey. We don’t make a secret of the ideal mix, but share insights and experiences. retail salsa is hosted by iXtenso – Magazine for Retailers and EuroShop – The world’s no.1 retail trade fair.

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Spicy flavor for your local online marketing
from 2021/03/03 | German

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