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Webtalk from 2022/11/02 | Language: English
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Task management: preparation made easy

Webtalk at 2023/09/26 | 11 am CET | Language: German
On demand
Fully automated stores

Pepper for your fulfillment service

Webtalk from 2022/09/21 | Language: English
On demand
In-store marketing

The salt in the soup of sales promotion

Webtalk from 2022/08/31 | English
On demand
Sustainable logistics

Environmentally conscious aroma for your shipping

Webtalk from 2022/06/22 | English
On demand
Interactive Touchpoints

Marketing you feel

Webtalk from 2022/06/01 | English
On demand
Automation and AI

Never running “out of…” again

Webtalk from 2022/06/01 | English
On demand
Smart Stores

Fast shopping on the go

Webtalk from 2022/06/01 | English
On demand
Electronic price labels

Small ingredient – big impact

Webtalk from 2022/05/18 | English
On demand
Self-Service at IKEA

Discover the possibilities at the checkout

Webtalk from 2022/04/26 | German
On demand
Scan & Go

Attractive marketing tool and queue stopper

Webtalk from 2022/03/16 | English
On demand
Internet of Things

The digital stew for your progress

Webtalk from 2022/02/23 | German
On demand
Customer Loyalty
On demand
Digital Store
On demand
Predictive Analytics
On demand
Mobile POS

Touchpoint Payments: Transaction to go

Webtalk from 2021/06/23 | German
On demand
Click & Collect

Click & Pep: Bringing pizzazz to your sale

Webtalk from 2021/04/28 | German
On demand
Local Marketing Strategy

Spicy flavor for your local online marketing

Webtalk from 2021/03/03 | German
On demand
Returns Management

A splash of lime for your returns management

Webtalk from 2021/01/27 | English
On demand

The right spice for your payment mix

Webtalk from 2020/11/18 | German

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